Helping Teen Moms Graduate

by Christine Stroble

   "There is not one book in this bookstore that addresses that issue (Helping Teen Moms Graduate)"

--- Manager, Barnes & Noble

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Helping Teen Moms Graduatewinner of a 2023 PenCraft Book Award,

is a much-needed resource for schools, families, and community organizations that support pregnant and parenting students as they strive to complete their education.

The U.S. high school graduation rate is surpassing 84% and hitting record highs, year after year, but this same progress does not ring true for a certain student population: teen mothers or pregnant and parenting students. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports only about 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by age 22.

It's tempting to overlook this group because teen pregnancy rates are at a historic low; but the problem is hardly solved. The CDC reported in 2021, the number of live births to mothers aged 15-19 was 146,973.

We must support pregnant and parenting students as they strive to complete their education, and with less access to abortion, this teen birth rate among mothers 15-19 could potentially increase, creating a greater need for Helping Teen Moms Graduate: Strategies for Families, Schools, and Community Organizations.

Helping Teen Moms Graduate


"Becoming pregnant or a parent does not need to derail a student’s education. Helping Teen Moms Graduate expertly highlights the unique barriers and discrimination pregnant and parenting teens face without further stigmatizing this population. By centering their voices, Dr. Stroble provides a much-needed roadmap for advocates, teachers, and other trusted community members to help pregnant and parenting teens thrive in school."

Cassandra Mensah, Counsel at the National Women’s Law Center

"Written with a great deal of grace and insights, Helping Teen Moms Graduate provides rich narratives and helpful strategies for educators of teen mothers. This is a useful text and it should be explored without judgment, but instead, with care and openness. It helps to address a lesser explored issue in secondary education."

Greg Wiggan, Professor of Urban Education, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"In order to help teen moms graduate, we don’t need more statistics and simplistic how-to guides or checklists; we need to listen to the voices and experiences of teen moms themselves. Dr. Stroble does an expert job of elevating the voices of teen moms woven between statistics, evidence-based programs, and real solutions to helping teen moms graduate. If you really want to know how to support a teen mom, you’ve got the right book in your hands and I suggest you start with her first suggestion: Don’t Judge."

Amanda Moon Callahan, MA, Director of Prevention & Outreach, Safe Harbor

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